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Not all wounds are visible

We live in some uncertain times, and you have probably felt the frustration, anxiety, and the overwhelming nature of it. I am in the position, too, and have felt the changes in our climate.

If we are honest, we probably have not even talked about it wholeheartedly to anyone that we trust. We see on tv, hear on the radio, and also on social media to profoundly affect how we live our daily lives.

Did you know that June is PTSD Awareness Month and that today, June 27, 2020, is PTSD Awareness Day? Let me explain, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that Men, woman, and children can experience in their lifetimes. It is caused by seeing, hearing, experiencing things such as car accidents, civil unrest, disasters, abuse, social media, television, movies where the themes are impacting how one deals with life or our loss that we witness. Sometimes taking into much of these can cause anxiety, depression, and a sense of loss. I know first hand what this feels like as I had experienced PTSD when I lost my beloved, Mark.

Grieving someone or losing something near and dear to you can have a profound impact on your mental and well as your emotional health. PTSD can happen to anyone and at any time. You can experience flashbacks of the situation, have anxiety, and have nightmares.

Is there a cure? There are resources to help individuals deal with this concern that is often seen as not all wounds are visible. If you are looking for help with dealing with PTSD or ways to move forward after the loss or a life transition, book an appointment.

In Hope & Healing,

Cherie Barnes

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