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Online Therapy Available For All Illinois Residents  

Beginning online therapy: We can imagine that the first time we decided to make an appointment and see a therapist.  It was unsettling and a little bit scary.  Even in this space and time, there is a need for the honored space of therapy.  This is a good time for you to think about your mental health and the health of the community. 


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Have you been considering seeing a therapist, but was unsure if therapy was right for you? 

Let's consider some questions that you might have:

Online therapy is NOT for: 

  • Actively suicidal individuals 

  • People who are thinking of harming themselves 

  • Those who are experiencing psychosis such as audio, visual hallucinations or delusions

  • Severe Substance Abuse issues 

  • Those in abusive relationships who may need law enforcement interventions or immediate medical attention. 

  • Those who are in crisis situations that need medical or law enforcement services. 

Is online therapy effective?  Online therapy has been around for a while and has been effective particularly in rural communities.  Its effectiveness has been proven and clear. For example, let's look at what research says about therapy.  Wagner(2013) found online therapy was as effective for treating depression, and Harrison, Proudfoot, Wee, and Parker (2011) found stress, anxiety, depression, and overall psychological distress were significantly reduced after using a telephone-based online treatment model.  These results support the feasibility of implementing online therapy interventions, especially now, when meeting in person may place the health of our community at risk.

Will online therapy work for me? I suggest that you proceed with therapy as you would normally.  The first session is just as important as the termination session. Consider scheduling a consultation with more than one therapist to assess for fit.  When you are comfortable with that therapist, schedule your appointment.   In general, online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.  

Will my therapy stay online if it starts online?  One of the challenges that we are currently facing is that due to the pandemic we have to social distance and many therapists are not seeing clients in person.  If they are, they are following social distancing practices.  If you are working with me online and would like to come into the office, you can certainly be invited to do so.  

Will my insurance reimburse me for online therapy? At this time I only accept self-pay and sliding scale clients at this time.  If you plan to seek reimbursement, please check with your insurance carrier to find out the policy.  If we work together, I can provide you with a superbill at the end of the month that will contain all of the information that you may need to submit for reimbursement.  

What do I do next? If you find that you would like to work with me during this time and you are dealing with grief, loss and trauma, life transitions, depression, and anxiety, please feel free to contact me at 312-620-6102 to talk about beginning treatment online. 

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