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Grief and Loss Therapy 

Grief and Loss Therapy is the process by which you hurt because you lost someone or something that was important to you.  Loss does not always have to be a physical loss but one of many things and we experience the loss of things in so many ways.  Your loss changed your world, turned it upside down and you are walking around in a haze trying to figure out how to make it through.  You are sick of the sleepless nights, you have so many unanswered questions and you are just trying to muster up the strength to do daily activities as well as take care of others who are important to you. 

Grief is very complex and can affect a person's emotional, physical, and social well being. (Berzoff, 2003).  Let The Healing Group Community, LLC help you begin to peel back the layers of your grief and loss by helping you acknowledge that grief is a normal part of our lives and that even much so as we experience COVID-19, we need tools to help us our normalcy and regain a sense of what we can call stability in our lives.  

Some sign of grief that we may not be aware of is Loss of interest, guilt, or unworthiness.  Other symptoms that were may be familiar with as people we know or ourselves grieve are hopelessness, tearfulness, and crying, and sadness.  You don't have to face it alone and can have a partner to walk through this journey with you.  


If you have difficulties with grief-related symptoms or need to process a loss that you have experienced, contact The Healing Group Community, LLC and let us be a partner in your healing by calling 312-620-6102 today.  

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