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Good Faith Estimate 

As of January 1, 2022, all counseling clients have a right to receive a Good Faith Estimate per federal law.  A Good Faith Estimate provides expenses you can reasonably expect to pay for mental health services that you as a current or potential client for treatment.  The estimate is created based on information known at the time when the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) was prepared.  You can incur more charges as special circumstances can occur. If you are charged more than $400 or more than your GFE, you can contact me directly. Therapy is different and there is no way of knowing how long treatment will last.  Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping up with policies, I am posting this notice for you on my website. 

Good Faith Estimate Details 

Below reflects current session fees, that are projected over variable levels of use for any 12-month period for self-pay clients.  Reduced fees are available based on financial criteria and other circumstances per a reduced fee schedule. The following rates are for cash fee and uninsured.  The Healing Group Community, LLC does not participate in any insurance panels. 

Individual Client

Intake appointment $100.00

Follow up (50 min) client session $95.00

Client sees therapist weekly for 50 weeks in calendar year $4750

Client sees therapist every other week for 50 weeks $2,375

Client sees therapist every 4 weeks for 50 weeks $1,140


Record Request and Administrative Work $50.00 GFE/Bill Dispute 

Court involved work not billable for reimbursement $150.00

Mics. 2

The frequency in which clients are seen and the duration of time is dependent on the client and circumstances.  The above is an example of.  New clients are required to begin with a 90 minute intake appointment. 


We accept major credit cards, cash, and check for payment.

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