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COVID-19: Dealing with grief during the prolonged pandemic

We are now in the 8th month of the pandemic of COVID-19, and we are still trying to navigate our new normal. We are now able to come outside and not be in the place of quarantine. We are practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizer, are washing our hands, and wearing our masks for the most part. Still, we are losing lives to this pandemic at alarming rates as we are trying to find our new normal. The novel coronavirus has infected Thirty-six million people worldwide, and 1 million lives lost except in Antarctica. According to research, the continent has no cases due to its extreme geographic isolation and lack of contact with the outside world. With the number of unprecedented deaths related to COVID-19, how can people honor their loved ones and remember them during a pandemic? People have become very creative in the way that they have shown love during this time. It is in that memories will continue to be created, and that family and friends will always honor them with love. In what ways have you chosen to keep the memories alive with your family and friends during this time? Would I love to hear about your memories?

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