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Begin Your Journey to Healing.

I'm grateful for your time in helping me to be empowered in this grief journey.

-Yolonda Keslor-


I accepted my calling to be a helper a long time ago.  I have worked in community mental health and corrections for the last 20 years.  It is in this space that I found myself flourishing and being able to support others.  With my educational background, experience,  and expertise, my goal is to help you move forward past your pain and, begin healing. I am confident that working together utilizing counseling and coaching can help you begin to move forward and not feel guilty about life. 

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What We Offer 

Specializing in Individual Therapy, Grief & Book Coaching and Lifestyle Change


Depression Therapy 

Are you feeling hopeless, do you feel that you can't go on, Is your energy not the same, are you not eating?  Depression Therapy through 50-minute counseling sessions works to help you rethink negative thoughts and behaviors associated with emotional responses. 


Individual Therapy consists of one on one sessions for 50- minutes. You are in control of your session as you are the expert of your life! Clinicians will support you during this time. 


Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy is a 50-minute counseling session which focuses on helping you decrease your nervousness, rapid breathing, feeling of panic and insomnia. 


Online/Virtual Therapy

Online therapy is just as effective as an in-person meeting. Find out if this therapy is for you. 


Life Style & Book Coaching 

Do you what to know if Life Style Coaching is right for you, or do you have a story that you want to get to the masses via book publishing and writing.  A free 20 minute phone consult is available.


Grief Theapy

Grief and Loss is a response to losing a loved one or thing.  It will not last always, let me show you how to move forward after a loss and not feel guilty afterward. 

Practice Areas
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